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Helping ease kids back into a school routine.

School holidays have come to an end, and we are starting a new term, so here are a couple of quick tips to make the transition from holiday to the classroom easier for you and your child.

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First of all, your child may be feeling nervous about starting school again, so reassure them that this is normal. Knowing they are not the only ones and that many others also go through the same feeling will help your child feel more confident and understood.

Create a new morning routine to clearly explain and run through it with your child(ren). Having the morning routine consistent means your child will have a clear idea of what to expect each morning and ease the morning rush significantly. Managing the morning routine in an easy to follow and precise way will make mornings much smoother for you and your child, and that’s one less thing to worry about. 

When your child(ren) completes, the planned morning routine, don’t forget to praise them. On the subject of positive reinforcement, this is going to be your best way to get your child motivated and back into a consistent school routine. Let your child know when you see them doing good, and this will raise their motivation, confidence and self-esteem.

Once your child is back at school the afternoon routine kicks in, this is where completing school homework tasks can sometimes be a challenge, even if you kept your child’s mind active over the break. Parental support in the first few weeks is going to motivate your child ten-fold, so try and best to be there for your child to get them back into a rhythm. Similar to the morning routine, having the afternoons scheduled is going to make sure you make the most of the afternoon hours. It is still important to allow your child to unwind as well. You can read more on the importance of managing your child’s after school time here in our previous blog. Using online resources such as our Study Space learning platform will come really in handy in getting your child’s head around crucial concepts and helping them get better results. 

Make sure that your child has healthy snacks, drinks plenty of water and gets some activity in so that they remain focused and attentive at all times.

Finally, we can’t stress enough the importance of regular sleeping patterns, and the holidays may have made children accustomed to later bedtimes and sleeping in. Do your best to structure your child’s nighttime schedule, so that it allows for the right amount of sleep. Planning is everything; make sure your child knows roughly how much time they will be allowed to wind down, restrict their TV and game time. It’s important for them to learn that they can’t always watch that last episode of their favourite TV show or finish that last level of a video game during the school week.

Hopefully, these tips make the transition into a successful school routine much more relaxed, and want to spend less time stressing at homework time then why not try our app for free, you can access our FREE PREVIEW here to get started.