Why we should be building online education that doesn’t feel so empty

Coskun Unal, Founder Study Space
12 November 2019
Teachers are meticulous when it comes to planning and setting up their classrooms, and they make sure to build a space conducive to educate children better. They fill it with resources, make cozy reading spaces and vibrant walls filled with artworks and students hard work! A lot of thought and effort goes into building a beautiful and engaging classroom space, so why don’t we put the same energy and care into our own online/virtual learning spaces.
The challenge remains: Can there be an online learning platform with the same meticulous intimacy a teacher creates in the physical classroom. An online platform that doesn’t feel underwhelming and instead more inviting to students.
Study Space learners checking out new features of our schools app
Edtechs worldwide are creating tools for learning, building new platforms and emerging technologies that are made to assist teachers in the classroom instead to end up not delivering on it’s promise of improving learning outcomes.
Lacking delivery and content, and at most times non friendly design and we still hear cries from teachers asking where is all the content support. Teachers expect to use platforms and build their digital lessons within them while they balance the existing challenges of teaching in a physical classroom.
As we approach a new decade, we are finding that technology has made its influence in education with radical and revolutionary ideas. There has been so much focus on emerging technologies and platforms that many edtech providers have forgotten the most crucial aspect of education. Delivering quality learning content to the learner.
Study Space has endeavoured to build a platform that feels as welcoming and functional as a teacher’s classroom. With Curriculum based content, student resources and interactive lessons, fun and enjoyable learning is now possible through Study Space. Advanced lesson activities, meaningful reporting, advanced communication and digital resources newly available to classrooms everywhere. Through these functions a teachers time, effort and lesson delivery is now transformed with each lesson from Study Space.