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At Study Space we offer lessons that will help your child to communicate through their writing , understand the language used to be able to share their experiences and knowledge as well as have fun practising with our worksheets.


Study Space offers a range of tools to help your child to read and understand what they are reading by using comprehension, sight words and a variety of figurative language features.


Study Space offers a wide range of English speaking lessons that range from early childhood development to year 6. Study Space covers phonics, pronunciation, and a variety of beginner and advanced speaking techniques!


Study Space provides a variety of different lessons that includes but not limited to Spelling rules, word families, sight words while using hands on tools to help with practise and learning.


Form essential sight words to strategic reading Study Space covers all your child’s grammar and literacy skills! Build your child’s confidence in English language conventions!

Numbers & Algebra

Syllabus based numbers and algebra lessons which cover a variety of strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing at a pace that is comfortable for any student.


Study Space covers an array of essential shapes (3D and 2D), angles and geometry lessons based on the Australian Curriculum. Practicals and worksheets assist with compass use, legends and keys.


Study Space covers statistics and probability, allowing students to explore differences in categorised numbers and data, graph data visually, understand probabilities and apply probabilities to everyday tasks with practical lessons!