Edtechs: Focusing too much on delivery and not enough on what’s being delivered?


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One of the crucial things that educators are talking about is that a lot of Edtech’s are looking for ways to educate but are missing a core component; quality of the curriculum and its delivery.

Systems built for effectively delivering learning content through digital mediums are coming out with so many new features and innovations. But why aren’t we seeing these being used in the classroom?  

There has been too much focus on delivery and not enough focus on the digital content itself. Dividing these two dependent elements and growing them independently of each other will only lead to slow uptake and ineffective implementation of learning technologies.


Study Space has the solution. We took both the learning delivery platform, and the high-quality learning content production, and put them back together where they belong! 

Study Space delivers quality learning content through interactive lessons on an effective digital learning platform. Our teams work hard to make sure we offer an easy to navigate and natural digital learning environment, while our production team focuses on creating cutting edge interactive lessons. This harmonic balance has allowed us to generate an edtech product that is ready for the classroom, it’s ready to help a child with their homework, and it’s ready to be a complete homeschool lesson planning tool with access to a teacher on demand.


“This harmonic balance has allowed us to generate an edtech product that is ready for the classroom”

Coskun Unal Founder of Study Space

As it’s easy to tell we are proud of the product we are bringing to the table, and see it as a strong contender to help change the global education landscape, and pioneering educational technology into a new age of learning. Meaningful learning that prepares children for the digital world, this is what our subscribers have access to when they use our app! 

Try our product now using our free preview here.